Monday, November 1, 2010

New Month..New Template..New Title

Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah, let me still live in Iman & Islam
My blog with new template..
'Sejuk Mata Memandang'
Before this, like too crowded..but now, with new face, new skin, new breath & the important thing is, new title..hehehe

Kembara Insan Mencari Tuhan, something interesting me, when I start to know a new friend.. This friend change life, ffrom nothing to someone that have knowledge about Islam..So amazing, alhamdulillah, thanks Allah..gave my friend Your Hidayah
Like what my friend said : "Hidayah Allah sangat mahal'
Thats true friend... Allah give Hidayah, to anyone that try to find it.. And, it is luckily, who get Hidayah from Allah..

Thanks my friend, let me know you..Thanks Allah let us meet.. Really happy know someone like you.. Maybe it is to early to describe who are you, but never mine, from our first conversation, I know u a kind friend..insyAllah..I hope, our friendship will last forever..

Dear my lovely readers, hopefully, you all like my new blog and still keep on reading my blog.Also maybe with new entry?? Who know right..hehehe...insyAllah..

Last but not least, love & big hug for you alls..

Menulis bukan untuk memberi TAHU tetapi ingin mencetus MAHU, agar bergerak menuju MAMPU

2 conteng-conteng:

I am Me! said...

Sme2 kte membawa pengislahan..
Pd diri, keluarga serta ummah!

mustRZ said...

I am Me! : 1st time comment on my blog..hehe..thax..

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