Thursday, November 11, 2010


Alhamdulillah, woke up in Islam and Iman
How about my beloved readers?

Today is my last paper exam..
IMD204 IT in Information Agencies
Pray for me k..

Neway, want to share a little bit about a book
But i dont have it yet
But im really interested to read it
"Kuasa Kepimpinan Al - Fateh" written by Muhammad Syaari Abd Rahman

Have u heard about the book?
Hmm..the title is quite interesting right
Its all about Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh that successfully conquer Costantinople(Istanbul)

Well, hopefully, one day, it will be mine..
Thats all for today..InsyAllah, will meet again later..
with big hug & kiss...muah..muah..muah,,

Menulis bukan untuk memberi TAHU tetapi ingin mencetus MAHU, agar bergerak menuju MAMPU

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